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foreplay concern
blndyiheidi1 posted:
I love to have sex with my partner. He loves the foreplay from me but he will not touch me there. He says that I have alot of discharge before and after sex. I am a very sexual person. I guess I can be as bad as a guy. but is there something wrong with me? I don't have a yeast infection. I have never had anyone say that this is or was a problem. I am just very sexual person. I want to know what is wrong with me or is there something I should be concerned about?
hannahjoy1993 responded:
there is nothing wrong with you. that is perfectly normal and a good thing. your body is just ready for sex and its meant to make sex comfortable and enjoyable. some guys also just dont like going down on women. thats a personal thing.
ontbear replied to hannahjoy1993's response:
Hi do a lot of forplay with and move his hand around your body over several times and eventully take his hand to yor lower admond then your pubic mound. take time doing this-- you have nothing to loose. ontbear
An_246482 replied to ontbear's response:
Do any of you guys have the web addrress where you can be as frank and free as you like. If you do would you mind to share it with me? I would very much appreciate. Thanks!
fcl replied to An_246482's response:
I suggest you google "adult chat rooms" to find what you want.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on responded:
As a guy there is nothing sexier to me than when im with a woman and we are progressing thru foreplay and i put my hand "down there" and she is soaked. it is a huge turn on to me because that means that she is really into me, talk about an ego boost!

As for your question, no there is nothing wrong with you. Sadly some peoples comfort level with sex can vary and if has never experienced a woman like yourself who obviously enjoys sex, he doesnt know what to think. Maybe during foreplay, tell him how hot he makes you and how turned on you are. That might be what he needs, to realize that you are totally into him...Unfortunately we are guys, we suck at reading signs sometimes lol.
claz1019 responded:
I think your normal! Lol if I were to say different then I would have to say that there is something wrong with me as well because I am exactly the same. My dr's say its normal, just that some women do it more than others and I myself got to be one of the lucky ones that get to expierence it more than the "average" woman. Sexually everything is still good and I get wet like no other! I think its just your guy friend who has the problem

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