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    Sex is wonderful that is for sure
    jmgg5000 posted:
    sex is wonderful love having sex with my wife. we do it in the bedroom bathroom living room backyard it is always amazing and wonderful. we love making love in backyard and pools outdoors we feel the risk of being walked in on drives up our sex drive and makes it wonderful.

    how about you all do the risk of being walked in on drive it up more for you? like skinny dipping making love in a public place etc?
    georgiagail responded:
    All that is fun until one is arrested for indecent exposure and the neighbors get to read all about it in the paper the next day.

    I'm not kidding. It's happened to others.

    jmgg5000 replied to georgiagail's response:
    yea well i guess make sure its small town or in the country where most people would not care and most would probably get naked and skinny dip with ya lol
    mintjulip3 responded:
    My wife and I packed a picnic basket one day and drove to this tourist town about an hour from where we live. She was pregnant with out first child. There was the moutainous area above the town that had a 12 mile loop that heavily traveled becuse you could see all kinds of wildlife. It was just a beautiful get away that we were lucky to have so close to home. We parked our vehicle and grabbed the picnic basket and a Quilt. We picked out a spot in the middle of the field close toan old barn. We had a little wine an one thing led to another. We could see the traffic driving around the loop and most folks usually carry some binoculars to view the scenery. We took off every stich of our clothes and proceded to make mad passionate love. Seeing each other bodies in the natural light just made things more erotic. Being in the outdoors just added a little more wood to the fire already burning intensely.
    And the fact that if you were looking hard enough you could see this couple out in the middle of the field stark naked making love. It just made things a little hotter. We had such a good time that day just the two of us, out in the field. That day we did everything to each other that we could think of and then went to sleep. The sun beaming on our naked bodies felt so good. Eventualy we packed up walked back to our car and finished drving the loop and headed home. I'll never forget that day because it was so special. I definetly think the risk of being caught or seen add more fuel to the fire. We done it in our boat dozens of times.
    jmgg5000 replied to mintjulip3's response:
    yea i agree seeing your lovers body in the natural sun light or moonlight is always romantic and a turn on for sure and knowing someone could be watching in the distance it dont matter as long as you love eachother and are enjoying the moment. one time my wife and i were at this private lake like and we were skinny dipping and we got out and were rolling around making out and my wife looked and said i see some teens looking and i said well let em look and learn from the best we kept on making love it was such a turn on

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    wallgreens lol seriously
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