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Pregnant with Implanon Implant?
An_247199 posted:
Hey guys, I just need some answers. I've been on the implant implanon for a month. my boyfriend and i have been having sex a lot every day and its all unprotected sex. i've been having pregnancy symptoms. do you guys think i am pregnant due to the fact of a lot of unprotected sex we have per day or just side effects to implanon?
Hicksta responded:
I need answers please.
georgiagail replied to Hicksta's response:
If you've been on the Implanon, you've not been having "unprotected" sex. You've been having "protected" sex in regards to protection against pregnancy.

Having totally (i.e., NO birth control) unprotected sex every day, all day or whatever does not necessarily increases the chances of pregnancy. Conception can only occur during the time of ovulation.

Why are you asking an internet forum if we think you are pregnant? How would we know? If you remain concerned, it would be a smarter idea to take a pregnancy test.

HeatherJones23 responded:
I have the implanon in my arm after my youngest son was born. Its been in for about a year and I also have unprotected sex.. At first I had headaches all the time, face acne, throwing up feeling, and I didn't have a period for the first six months.. It just all depends it says it is affected 98% if you think your pregnant take a test is my best bet.... If it comes out neg. it just might be side effects of the implanon
wmeagan56 responded:
do u still have your periods because i dont and i was on implanon for 3 years and never had protected sex that may sound bad but theres a very small chance you will get pregnant. the facts show 2 out of 1000 women get pregent off of implanon. so its very rare
Hicksta replied to HeatherJones23's response:
Thank you! and Yeah I found out I was pregnant and I had to get it taken out. Im happy even though it was wrong timing, I want to go through with what had started. Thanks!!
Hicksta replied to wmeagan56's response:
I only had it in for two months but I didn't get my period any month. Now that I'm pregnant I've been spotting but the implanon has been out.

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