Have you used testosterone for female libido?
Anon_9892 posted:
I am 31 dried up for a few years and have zero sex drive. I mean...ZERO. Relationship with husband is good, loving. I am otherwise healthy, quit smoking 2.5 yrs ago, eating more healthy and sex drive getting worse over last couple yrs.

Gyno gave me a rx for testosterone, told me 1/8 tsp per day; rub the cream into a fatty area of the body.

She explained the risks of over doing the hormone and now I am paranoid. I was hoping others might share their experiences with this hormone with me? Known risks? Can it cause cancer, etc? Does it actually work? Whatever you know about this, fill me in!
georgiagail responded:
Stop being paranoid, use the amount prescribed for you and wait for it to work. It has been successfully used by women who report issues with low libido.

misty301 replied to georgiagail's response:
well that's helpful. anyone else?