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Started Birth Control
An_242014 posted:
Ok, so I need advice I started birth control (Ortho Cyclen) for the very first time two weeks ago. I had intercourse the week before I started taking birth control with my boyfriend but we used a condom. My concern is I have started spotting very heavily a dark discharge and I know that is one of the side effects but I have also gained 4 pounds and i'm a skinny girl and don't gain weight that rapidly and my boobs are very tender and seem to have gotten bigger not to mention I had gotten very nauseas the night before. Are those all side effects or is it slightly possible I may be pregnant?
georgiagail responded:
The hormones in the birth control can cause tender breasts (not boobs) that can also enlarge in addition to nausea and spotting.

queston replied to georgiagail's response:
Curious, Gail: Don't "breasts" and "boobs" refer to the same body part?
elle0317 replied to queston's response:
Yes, it does queston. However, I believe that there is a policy here that suggests poster not to use vulgar slang words for body parts or sexual acts.
An_242014 replied to georgiagail's response:
Breasts and boobs are the same thing, sorry if I didn't use the "proper term" but thanks for your input.
queston replied to elle0317's response:
Yeah...I guess I just have trouble viewing "boobs" as a vulgar term. Seems like a pretty commonplace mainstream word used in polite company, in a way that some other body part words are not. And if there is a WebMD policy in play here, there certainly are nicer ways to point that out to the OP than how Gail did.

This kindof reminds me of classical music audience members who disapprovingly shush their fellow audience members when they clap between movements when they're not supposed to. My philosophy is, let's just be glad that they're there enjoying the music. (I am a professional "classical" musician, FWIW.)
jd1000 replied to queston's response:
say breasts or boobs too
georgiagail replied to jd1000's response:
If you can't use the correct names for body parts in an adult conversation, don't speak (or write) at all. These are breasts, not boobs, knockers or whatever other vulgar names one can come up with.

queston replied to georgiagail's response:
Yes, it's certainly better for this woman to wonder if she's pregnant than to come here and ask the question using the highly inflammatory word "boobs."

Do you need me type that louder so that you can hear it way up there on your high horse?

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