help with female ejaculation?? Please help
An_247406 posted:
okay, so last night im pretty sure i squirted (for the first time)..but here is the part i dont understand....i have seen videos and know what squirting is. its a clear liquid that sometimes shoots out, sometimes doesnt. im pretty sure my boyfriend made me squirt last night..but here is the part that didnt make sense.. IT WASNT CLEAR. and i mean it wasnt even CLOSE to came out of my urethra not vagina, and it was literally the consistancy of covered my entire hand. it didn't smell bad or foul. i just dont understand why the consistnacy was like that, i have been looking at the internet for answers and i cannot find anything..i have heard it can be more creamy or what ever..but it was thick and like i said..just like lotion..and lots of it. ..i am worried this does not seem normal at all ..somebody PLEASE help..
elle0317 responded:
The more hydrated you are, the more watery it will be. And not every womans fluid will be identical. Oh and congratulations!