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Sudden Loss of Sex Drive
An_247958 posted:
Summary: (31 y/o male) For the past three months, I have had a severe drop in the urge/ "want" to have sex or even masturbate. From 8-10/wk total to 2x/wk and I think that is just habit and to make my wife feel better. I have had no life changing events and don't feel any more stressed than normal.

The only thing drastic that has changed is my health, but in a completely good way. In the course of a month, I went from no exercise to 6x a week (3x at 20 minutes and 3x at 45minutes) and went from eating the worst foods/nutrition that some people could probably imagine, to eating fruits, vegetables, proteins, and even consistently taking a multivitamin daily for the first time in 20 years. The first two weeks of my healthy eating I ate a 2000calorie diet/daily and didnt weight myself until the end of those two weeks and ended up losing 10 pounds. I lost ~23 pounds in the first month and have been relatively stable since. I am now at the lower end of the "normal BMI" scale.

I subsided on more snacks (carbs/fat) than real food for the past 8 years and now with my body is getting minerals/vitamins in quantities (appropriate ones) it didn't know existed.

Is it possible that I shocked by body into some hormonal imbalance?

(* I am seeing a doctor in 5 days, but would appreciate other advice as well)
tmlmtlrl responded:
Congrats on the transformation. It feels really good, doesn't it?!

The first thing that stood out to me is the multivitamin. A multivitamin is taken to supplement vitamins someone is lacking in their daily lives. You are probably getting most if not all of your vitamin intake from food.

My 'shot in the dark' guess is going to be maybe you are getting too much of something (s) by taking the multivitamin. I know multivitamins sound like a great thing to do, but are unnecessary in a lot of cases. Try ditching the vitamin and see how you feel. It's worth a try.

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