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    wow what am i doing wrong
    tiggsluv406 posted:
    i love my fiance but there is one thing troubling me i cant seem to have an orgasam.... i fake it but i dont know if hes playing dumb or he just doesnt notice i dont know what to do helppppppppppppp

    georgiagail responded:
    Do you masturbate and if so, do you reach an orgasm with this method?

    blake_valentine responded:
    A couple of thoughts -- an orgasm isn't the be-all-and-end-all for alot of women. Is he good considerate, caring lover otherwise? Does he take instruction well? How is your communication inside and outside the bedroom?

    Can you have an orgasm on your own? If so, how open would you and your fiance be to you showing him exactly what you do to arrive at that point? Since it really can be difficult for alot of women to climax from sex alone, you might have more luck if you surprise him with a vibrator, and then show him how you bring yourself over. Once you have your 1st few orgasms that way, I think it will pave the way to successful orgasms via intercourse, since the pressure should be off for both of you. Pressure is an orgasm-killer!

    Finally, I would encourage you to stop faking orgasms. Wrong on so many levels. You are slamming the door shut on an opportunity to jointly solve the problem together. Good luck!
    tiggsluv406 replied to georgiagail's response:
    yes i have masterbated and have had orgasms
    tiggsluv406 replied to blake_valentine's response:
    no he doesnt take instruction well at all and we have introduced toys into our love making but in all i reach orgasms with them but when he either does oral or his penis i never seem to get off , ive tried talking to him about certain spots on my body and things we both can do , but he seems to get pissy and i end up just telling him im no longer into the mood or i just lay there and fake it ,,, im at my witts end i used to have all kinds of orgasms but for some reason i cant with him anymore...
    georgiagail replied to tiggsluv406's response:
    You can't with him because he is not listening when you tell him what it takes for you to reach this level. Perhaps he is embarrassed because he's not the great lover he thought he was. The problem is that by faking it, you've pushed yourself in a corner, providing him feedback that whatever he is doing must be working.


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