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Light period or Implantation bleeding? Help please!
isabelchanning posted:
Hello all. I am 20 years old and me and have been increasingly sexually active within the past two months. I am not on any birth control. On September 12th I had unprotected sex, foolish even though he did not finish inside of me. I was on my period at this time, it had just started. A week earlier we had had sex however I had taken a plan B immediately the next morning just to make sure, I didn't want to take it twice within the same week so I did not take it after the 12th (while I was on my period, as I said.)

My periods are normally 4-5 days in length, mildly heavy on the first two days and then gradually lighter while finishing up. Sometimes I have cramps and sometimes I do not. They have always been slightly irregular, but normally my cycle is about 28 days.

On October 5th and 8th I was sexually active with the same individual, however both times unprotected. As before, he did not finish inside of me or even come close, but it was still unprotected. On October 11th I started getting a deep brown discharge, only enough to wear a panty liner, and I assumed this was my period. However it went away by that night. I woke up the next morning and seemed to get my period as it would normally start, I have researched implantation bleeding and it seemed a bit too heavy to be that, though it was slightly lighter than my periods usually are. That lasted about two days before lightening to the point where it did not require a tampon. After about the end of the third day it has reduced back to a brown liquidy discharge and is finishing up.

I am concerned and very confused, because of the fact that I had taken plan B on the 10th of September, gotten my period the week of the 12th, had unprotected sex on it, and then again on October 5th and 8th. I am very confused as to if I was or was not ovulating and if this lighter than normal period was due to the plan B, or the variables of stress in my life (they have been very, very high recently).

I had taken two pregnancy tests, both of them just before this "period" had started, and they both came out negative. I am wondering if I should go and get another test now that my "period" is finished, or if I should make a doctors appointment for a more solid and sure answer?

All I am primarily concerned about is that this was implantation bleeding rather than my period, I know that implantation bleeding is most usually just light spotting and not as heavy of a flow as a period, and pink/brown in color. I have the brown but I also know that this can be old blood, and for around two days the flow was on the milder side of heavy. I have no other symptoms of pregnancy, my breasts are not tender, I have no morning sickness or fatigue (other than the lack of sleep I already get, my sleeping schedule and dieting have been awful lately I admit). The only thing raising concern symptom-wise aside from the lighter and irregularity of my flow is that I feel extremely bloated, from my upper abdominal region to my lower, however this could also be due to me being on my period, if I was. It was accompanied for a day or two with abdominal soreness, almost as if I had just worked out and strained them a bit too hard. The pains are gone now, the area is just tender, I also have a lot of gastro issues so I know that may interfere as well. I could also just be talking myself into these things which I know I am well capable of doing.

I am trying to keep myself calm, I have been working myself into anxiety attacks (I have panic disorder) worrying over whether or not this was just an irregular period (what with the emergency contraception pill I had taken and all), or if it was in fact implantation bleeding. I don't know, because of plan B, when it would be appropriate for me to take another pregnancy test, or if it's necessary to go see my doctor. I want to avoid the co-pay if possible, but if necessary I will of course make an appt.
fcl responded:
If this was indeed implantation bleeding, a test taken before will not detect pregnancy. The fertilized egg has to implant for your body to start producing the hormone that a pregnancy test detects.

As we are now several days past implantation (if that was what it was) you could take another pregnancy test. If it's negative, take another in a week. If it too is negative then you're fine In any case, thereis no point making an appointment at this point.

Personally, I would say that the bleeding was too heavy for implantation bleeding (and not everyon gets implantation bleeding anyway) and that you are simply dealing with the aftermath of Plan B. Plan B can mess up your cycle quite easily.

Also, if you don't want to get pregnant, why not consider getting proper birth control. Not only does Plan B work out expensive on a regular basis, it is less effective at preventing pregnancy than the pill. It is also not good for your body to suffer the large doses of hormones contained in Plan B on a regular basis. Finally, you wouldn't be stressing like this if you were on the pill (or the patch, or the ring, or the...) so it would be a good idea even if just for your own peace of mind.

Good luck and tell us how things go
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