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Moaning annoyed housemate
ilovelife posted:
I am a female who rent a room in an apartment with housemates of a couple and a male. Me and my BF would make out once in a fortnight at my place which last for an hour+ on average. I am one that enjoy moaning during sex hence I was being ignorant to how the others might feel about it until the moment I receive a msg from this female of the couple saying "I really mind that we could hear you clearly, please lower down your voice, TQ" !!!

I feel very embarrassing now to face them whom know how I behave during intimacy (which is my baseline) with my love yet it felt like they disagree with how I ought to behave. I then bought her cake and apologize to her face-to-face and tried to laugh it off, she replied 'We were just worried for your safety as you are always on your own'.

I know it doesn't matter how I'm perceived when I'm being myself and as long as I learn from experience to keep it as low as possible to avoid disturbance to others in future, but I just don't feel like going back to my apartment now (((
georgiagail responded:
You don't want to go back to your apartment because 1. you now know your roommates hear you moan during lovemaking and 2. you believe you should be able to behave however you want to during sex?

Rent your own place and you can then howl at the moon during sex and (with luck) the neighbors won't call the police thinking someone is being murdered.

ilovelife replied to georgiagail's response:
Thanks Gail. Do you mean to have me understand that there will be no other way other than keeping it low especially in residential?
georgiagail replied to ilovelife's response:
I suspect that would depend on how thick the walls of your place are and how much sound carries.

dfromspencer responded:
I would have told her, your house mate, that that is how you are, and would continue being so. She does not own you. You pay your rent, therefore, she has no authority to make you behave in a certain way. Do nothing diferent, do not be ashamed, you did nothing wrong! If they don't like it, they can turn up the tv, or something?

You are all adults living there, sex should NOT be something dirty! Its normal, and healthy behavior. So, let er rip!!!

Good luck, Dennis

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