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    Prostate exam and ejaculation
    michaelsmith77 posted:
    I have had some symptoms of prostatis without actually being diagnosed. My doctor has me come in every 3 months to be checked. In the beginning he would just by inserting his finger and milking the prostate. Sometimes it would take a long time. He eventually began using his other hand to try to massage me. At first I was really uncomfortable with it, and he said it was normal, to relax and let it happen. I ejaculated, he took his specimen and did the tests. Now he does this every time.

    The more people I have asked, and the more I have tried to get information on line, I have not found any examples of instances where a doctor has specifically tried to make the patient ejaculate, only situations where its accidental. I have become quite paranoid that my doctor may be exhibiting some unprofessional behavior. Is it normal to require a "full specimen?"
    dfromspencer responded:
    I'm sorry, i cannot answer your question. I read your post out of curiosity, and i cannot believe this? I could understand a Dr. wanting to compare results from a couple of exams, but multiple times? I don't know? That sounds a little strange to me.

    Now i want to do some research of my own, to find that answer. Hopefully, i will. Frankly, I have never even heard of this. If you do get an answer, i hope you will share it with us? And if I should find one, i will certainly share it with you.

    Good luck, Dennis
    dfromspencer replied to dfromspencer's response:
    I typed in "Prostititis" in the search box on the top of the page. It seems that "MILKING" is normal. The Dr. will do this to completely empty the ejackulate. Normal sex, or masturbation, does not completely empty this ejackulate. Who knew?

    Appearently, your Dr. is worried about your prostate health? Perhaps he feels as if you are good candidate for prostate cancer? Or has other concerns? YOU have to TALK to your Dr., and find out for yourself. Don't be embarrassed, he/she has heard it all before.

    Please keep us informed of the outcome. (no pun intended)

    michaelsmith77 replied to dfromspencer's response:
    I have symptoms of prostatitis, without a diagnosis of it. I am 34. I think he wants to keep an eye on it. For the most part I have been symptom free for about 2 years. I think its odd that he still makes me go in every 3 months as it seems to be resolved.

    My main concern however, is not that he is checking my prostate, but how. My understanding is that generally the prostate is "milked" by inserting a finger and massaging the prostate to get a sample. I have been to other doctors where it was finger only. This doctor uses his other hand to get me to fully ejaculate, and I am trying to figure out if this is part of the process or if he is going too far. The reason that I am concerned is that he has made some advances on me, or so I percieve, and I'm not sure if he's doing an exam or going above and beyond. Is this totally unprofessional or totally normal procedure for my situation?
    dfromspencer replied to michaelsmith77's response:
    OMG! Are you saying, he's masturbating you??? One hand one finger in your rectum, and the other on your member? Now that, would be unprofessional, i surely would think??? No where that i read, did the Dr. do that! Dude, i think you have a serious problem here? And, we need an answer.

    I am going to try asking one of the "Experts" on this site? Lets see what they think about this? In the mean time, if I were you, I would stop seeing this Dr. of yours?

    Take care, Dennis
    fcl replied to michaelsmith77's response:
    I suggest you post your question here:
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    dfromspencer replied to fcl's response:
    Thank you, FCL

    I did post one on the "Mens Health" site, hoping Dr. Marks might answer? However, since you put this one out there, I do believe i will try that one also?

    Thanks FCL, you are the best!!!

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