Bit of a problem!
An_241258 posted:
Have a bit of a problem!
Ive only slept with 3 men, the third being my husband.
The first guy I think i enjoyed it, but never orgasmed. The second was a short fling, the sex was great.
Now with my husband we dont have actual sex often, but foreplay a lot.

I dont know if i actually like the sex. The weird thing is i think because we hardly do it, it feels 'tight' when we do, and because i get nervous of it hurting it only hurts more.
I get really turned off by condoms also, i know we need them but i like natural. The previous guy we were a bit risky and did withdrawal method sometimes, and also used condoms but he was also good at turning me on!
I do enjoy our encounters but its weird when being natural is what turns me on (so no problem when we start planning kids i guess!).

With hubby being a bit more submissive type of person, should i try to initiate actual sex more? or is it normal to hardly 'do it', as long as we are satisfying each other other ways?
georgiagail responded:
What is satisfying to both members of this relationship is "normal".

If you do not like condoms, consider another form of birth control. There are many options available.

An_241258 replied to georgiagail's response:
I have considered BC options with husband but tried a few different pills and they make my migraines worse so we decided condoms it is.