Why am I not able to have sex with my girlfriend though I am able to have sex with my wife? Please advise
An_248843 posted:
I have a girlfriend and a wife. I have same feelings for both of them. When it comes to sexual intercourse, I am enjoying for-play with both of them and sex only with my wife. when I am with my girlfriend, my penis does not get erected. My penis will get erect for a while then it lost erection. Would you please help me so I can enjoy sex with my girlfriend, too.
georgiagail responded:
Do either of these women know about the other?
rhondamay responded:
It could be your conscience is interfering with your erection. Maybe you should listen to it a bit closer.

longduckdong46 responded:
Better just settle for the wife there stud. Didn't you make a commitment to her in the first place ?
Think you would enjoy hearing about her not being able to orgasm with her boyfriend?
Food for thought.