An_241258 posted:
Recently ive noticed that it hurts during the point that i avoid it.
Husband and I pleasure each other regularly but just dont have actual sex often. When we do, I dont enjoy it a whole lot.

I dont have any discharge, or smells so dont think I have an infection. After my period (and wearing pads) i tend to get a bit itchy down below, but only on the outer parts.

I dont take BC, and find i'm often dry down below, even if I'm turned on. Husband has often commented that he feels i'm not enjoying it because of the dryness, when I am into it. Is there anything that can cause this dryness all the time, and then skin pain during actual sex? Tried lubrication and even then it hurts..
georgiagail responded:
Are you at the age where menopause might be playing a role here?

annony01 replied to georgiagail's response:
No, i'm only 28
dfromspencer responded:
I think you should visit with your Gynecologist? At least start there.

Good luck!