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    I don't know how else to tell my partner that our sex life feels dead how can I get it through his head
    An_249038 posted:
    Me and my boyfriend are going on 2 years on February we both just had our first baby 5 months ago. Our sex life is soo very un satisfying I used to love giving him pleasure I would always give him blow jobs cause he would constantly ask for it and I was happy to please him but he never returns the favor he doesn't even try to please me no four play for me he won't play with me down there with his fingers he won't play with my breast and HARDLY gives me head and I mean hardly as in maybe this whole time we've been together probably about 7 times and when we do have sex he just rams it in he won't kiss me get me hot he'll just go straight to the point and finishes prolly 8 min max he won't finish me but he'll get to come n won't even try to finish me off but if I ever ever come I have to make him come its so unfair how he's soo selfish we had sex a while ago guess what he just rammed it in finished in like 3 minutes didn't even try to get me hot after I told him to play with me a little he ignored me I've told him several times that our sex life is horrible that he doesn't try to make me happy in bed I tell him what I would like him to do but he ignores me I want to cry its soo bad our sex life is horrible and we only do it maybe like 3-4 times a month sometimes well go as far as maybe 2 times a month and that's all he's a very good father I'm a stay at home mom he provides for us and everything the only thing that is killing us is our sex life and how selfish he is I've told him several times lets try n fix it I tell him what I want and nothing I've stopped giving him head and u know what the worse part is sometimes I want sex and he tells me he don't want it but asks me if I can give him a hand job he prefers my hand than my vagina I'm not even ugly I weight 130 I'm 24 years old and so is he so what do I do anyone plz I Need advise I'm so confused I don't know what else to do I'm frustrated,sad ,tired I feel unloved he doesn't make me feel like a woman anymore I have my needs ahhh!! I need advise what can I do to fix us?
    georgiagail responded: chose to make a baby sans marriage with a partner who doesn't bother to attempt to fulfill your sexual needs, correct (your posting is difficult to read with its lack of punctuation)?

    It may be financially difficult to leave him since it appears you 1.are unemployed and 2. possibly unemployable and 3. there is a 5 month child to consider,

    There is nothing you can do to "fix us" if your boyfriend continues to ignore your requests to do so. It is unfortunate you have found yourself in this situation.

    dfromspencer responded:
    If he refuses to listen to you, refuse to do anything for, with him. Just take care of yourself, and the baby. Let him fend for himself. And when he asks why, tell him, again. And tell him, that this will be the way it is, untill he starts acting like a boyfriend again.

    Good luck.
    hairyd responded:
    It best to ask for help sooner than later. The information you have given us. Both gave some good info; but I view this differant. SEX is major issue for a couple, but now its a family
    do not stop giving him your body. Work on making him last more than 8 minutes therefore you can be sexual pleased. Also you may consider ways to use toys or your fingers to assist him for a shortcut.
    Your friend like most men writing on these threads. Learned to pleasure himself
    thru masturbation at a young age.. Therefore he is continuing to enjoy the hand job better.
    This habit like smoking is not something at his age. He will be able to stop without
    Help. I would advise Family counselor or therapists. If he will join you in the sessions I would advise a male. A male will better understand how controlling masturbation can be for another male. You may also use instructional sex video.
    Couples showing different sex positions you may enjoy. Or adult books with the same pictures. But these most be viewed together, not for his hand on penis time.
    Appreciate your boyfriend and him providing for you and his child. I would advise you think of this issue as we do alcoholism. It's like a illness.
    There can be a better tomorrow, but you must choose if you want the future with him. He may learn to limit his masturbation, but he will never stop.
    I have over 30 years of education, but in my haste to enter info on this site. I am far from being grammar correct. There is employment for everyone. If you would like addition education which you my use in the future. Since you have his finance; night / day classes my be considered. My wife was a stay at home mom. But part- time or full- time work also can be great.
    Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.

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