I enjoy sex but no libido
An_249040 posted:
I have always enjoyed sex a lot. I was raped repeatedly from the time I was 10 by a close relative. It continued until I was 14 and rather then hating it, I enjoyed it. I was raised on a farm and all we saw around us were animals breeding all the time. I felt guilt that I enjoyed my brother raping me and felt I had to fake fighting it so he wouldn't know I really enjoyed it. I have enjoyed sex all of my life. I became sexually active by my choice at late 14 with non-relatives. I am now 55 and had my second back surgery in December and have had major problems since then. I am numb from my butt around the whole front section, and through a circle around my front. I have been using a catheter since the surgery and can barely have a bowel movement and have no feeling in my vaginal area. I was always very sensitive in my vaginal area so this is very distressing to me. There are so many treatments for men with similar conditions (viagra, etc.) I want to know if there are any treatments for women. I would even be interested in a study if there is one. Please help me. I am very depressed with everything that is going on, so whatever you can do to help with be much appreciated. I am no longer able to work (which I thoroughly enjoyed due to lack of mobility and lack of communication skills since the surgery--I was very high functioning before) and to lose all of my enjoyment that I had before is devastating. Can you help, please? I'd be forever grateful. Jayne
georgiagail responded:
You need to discuss whether nerve function will, eventually, return with your physician. Not just for a return to sex but also to be able to function without a catheter and to regain the sensation of needed to evacuate your bowels.

dfromspencer responded:

I have to agree with GeorgiaGail here. You need to talk to your Dr. about this. Hopefully, what you went through will be temporary? And all feeling around there, will return. I am sorry you cannot work any longer, i know how that feels, now.

Good luck!!!