Is this herpes?
An_249112 posted:
This started out as a cut that I thought was exacerbated by friction. My doctor says that she can't be conclusive as to what it could be until the swab/culture comes back. My girlfriend has been having a yeast infection, and I'm wondering if it could be related to that. She is not showing signs of herpes. I recently had a HSV-2 blood test that came back negative. The partners I've been with since claimed they were HSV-2 negative as well.

Please let me know what you think this could possibly be. Thank you.
elle0317 responded:
Sounds like you have a yeast infection as well. OTC yeast infection cream a couple times a day for a few days should clear it right up.
onesmartperson responded:
An_249112... don't know...and I'm no doctor...but that looks like a lesion of some sort...I would get that check out as soon as possible...and you might want to ask what those little bumps around the lesion are...they look like skin tags...good luck..I hope it turns out to be good news.