I have had the Paraguard for 3ys I now have brown spotting only
An_249176 posted:
Hi everyone,
I have had the Paraguard for the past 3yrs. My period has come on like clockwork every month. Yes my period has been heavy starting on the second day since I have had the IUD, but it does not stay heavy for more than 3 days. Now all of a sudden last week I think my period is coming on because I wipe myself and see the deep redish brown stuff. so I put a pad thinking that its about to be that time of the month. So later I go to the restroom and wipe, nothing, which is fine because it's the first day. Remember I don't get heavy till the 2nd day. 2nd day come I check just a little brown spotting. Not normal for me! So I start taking herd to make sure my cycle comes down, nothing just brown spotting. What does this mean? Please someone answer, And no Im not a cramper, never have been thank God.