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arousal but no ejaculation?
tiffb44 posted:
My boyfriend is 29 and has no problem getting hard but most of the time doenst ejaculate.. He loves having sex because he can get me off very easily but it bothers me when I am the only one, I would like to have that satisfaction also. We both have a sexual appetite and do plenty of foreplay throughout the day. I am only the second person he has been with and the first he had no emotional tie to so I would think he should be able to get off easier. He says its because when he was an adolescent he used a tube sock to ejaculate with and it ruined alot of his sensitivity.. I think this could be true but I cant help feeling its something more? I have never had this problem with any other sexual partner, I am a very sexual person and find joy in knowing they get off. Sometimes when he cant come and its been a very sensual experience with costumes and candles and all that jazz and I feel very connected it stings at the end when he says he probably isnt gonna come. It puts both of us on edge cause it upsets me and he doesnt understand why. So I guess my question is could it just be the sensitivity is gone so he can get aroused but its harder to actually get off, or if it is more.. and if anyone has had this problem from the man or womens side? Please let me know what you think, thanks!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Can he ejaculate during masturbation? How does he masturbate? If he uses a dry hand, he's gotten accustomed to that and there's no way a vagina can duplicate that feeling. Your BF will need to refrain from masturbation for a bit.
georgiagail responded:
My partner rarely ejaculates. And it doesn't bother him.

I got over any concern regarding this matter long ago.

tiffb44 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
we for the most part have sex almost everyday and we are open in the way of bathroom door is always open and such.. so I dont think he is masterbating and if so definatly couldnt be all the time but I will ask him if he does or used to. Now that I think about it since I am the first person he has had sex with on a regular bases, he must of been pleasuring himself for however many years so it could be that he did get used to his own hand and stuff.. I will talk to him about it. He just insists that it is much harder for him to get off because he wore down the sensitivity of his penis using a tube sock when he was younger..does that happen? Thanks for your imput anything helps!!
tiffb44 replied to georgiagail's response:
I am assuming you two have been together for awhile? It doesnt bother my partner either, did you or your partner ever wonder why? I guess it might bother me more than some because I have never experienced this before..wether its true or not I have always somewhat taken my partner as being able to come as a sign of wether or not they like/attracted to me. But it seems my current BF has alot of feelings for me so I am thoroughly confused. We have only been together 5 months now so I guess I havent been able to shake it yet.
nreyn3 responded:
Some medications can cause side effects like that! Just because he doesn't ejaculate doesn't mean he's not enjoying it. I would just keep the lines of communication open, and if it's a big issue maybe see if he would be willing to talk to a doctor. Best of luck!

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