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Confused with boyfriend
rwood1987 posted:
I have been in a committed relationship with my boyfriend for almost 3.5 years and did not know he was consistently watching porn until a few months ago. I at first reacted immaturely assumed he was more attracted to nasty porn stars than me when in reality every guy watches porn.

However, the odd/concerning part is that the only porn he seemed to be watching was anal sex. We do not have anal sex and from what he has said, he has absolutely 0 urge to have anal sex. I guess I am at a loss, I am not sure if men watch porn that is interesting but they would never do or if my boyfriend will not open up about what he does want sexually. Sex typically hurts for me so we don't have it that often, but I still find this to be confusing. If anyone has any advice or help it would be much appreciated!

StacyVaughn responded:
Ya, I wouldn't be concerned in the fact he watches porn. Hell, watch it with him sometime it's kinda strange that he doesn't have a desire to have anal, yet that's what he chooses to watch? My fianc? doesn't have a desire to, even though I do, and he won't watch anal porns. My guess is maybe he is curious about it, or has a desire to try it out. He may be embarrassed, or think there's no way you'd go for it. I don't think you need to concern yourself over it though. If its something you'd be open to trying, or talking about, bring it up. Don't mention him watching anal porn, just that you yourself are curious about it. You may be him to open up to the idea. If he's just been reluctant to try it cause of the potential mess, try it in the shower!
hairyd responded:
He may consider the anal position; homosexual action. Let him know doing it to a female is hetersexual. In the right postion he can massage your Breast and Clitoris . While he is massage his penis in your anus. A win win for both.
Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.

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