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Very Confused need help with Ex
An_249222 posted:
I am very Confused about what is happening in my life right now.. I was dating a woman for 6 years an 7 months ago out of the blue she told me she needed a break, but we would be back together after she was healed from her depression. I didn't want that cause I knew what it was going to lead into.. So with that being said she ignored me for months even tho I would email her to see how she was doing an too see if we could continue our relationship. she would only reply to be ignoreant towards me. If she replied back at all.. We have a long distant relationship. So the other day I sent her a a text telling her that I made a appointment to see a doctor about ADHD cause alot of the problems she said she disliked about me are symptoms from ADHD. So Someone texted me back saying it wasn't her but I know it was her phone not someone elses phone. she uses signture on all sent text. so this this morning I get a email from from her saying " I was told my coworker was messin with you on text.
Sorry, he took my phone without me knowing.
We can not reconcile, so stop this". I have no clue what to think.. Why does she now want to email me after ignoring me for 7 months . Is cause she really does want to be with me an now that I am showing her with real actions I want to get the issues she dislikes taken care of or is she just playin more games??? I did send her a email back which of course she ignored an didn't reply back can anyone make sense out of this??
dfromspencer responded:

I had a lady do this to me. I thought we were in love, so i played alon. She ended up burning me three times. I told her i was done being played, and to leave me alone. Then came the phone calls, knocks on the door, the begging and pleading. She started acting like a scycopath. I had to move in the middle of the night to get rid of her.

What i'm saying is this; just be careful of women who act this way. Ladies, be careful of men who act this way. You never know how they might respond? There are too many horror stories out there, so, be careful with behavior like this.

Just sayin!!!


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