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    could use some help
    Jeepers04 posted:
    This may be odd to ask but i need some help, me an my gf have been together for 2 years now and soon to be married, heres the problem i alwasy thought i was normal maybe event small down stairs, but she said im to big, evertime we have sex she is in pain the first time i go in and an after we have had sex, i never really was to concerned about how big my penis was, but i did measure it the way they say to an its lil over 7.5" i kinda just figured that is average but i dont know never looked to see, but plz we could use some help iv tryed a bunch of stuff but she still herts i would like to make it more enjoyable to her
    P.S. plz real answers no stupid ones
    georgiagail responded:
    When you say you have tried a "bunch of stuff", what do you mean?

    Have you two used any of the lubricants that are available on the market to help with such issues?

    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    7 1/2" is a bit longer than normal. It's possible you're hitting her cervix which is painful for some women. Try not to go as deep and see if that helps.
    dfromspencer responded:
    I have to go with Tl. You are about an inch longer than us normal guys. Go easy, don't put the whole length in. You have got to be hitting her cervex. I did that with my ex-wife, she was so small.
    hairyd responded:
    Jeepers , yes your penis size is normal; every dude penis is normal. Work on your thrusting (slow and smooth stokes) for the first 5 minutes. Also do not pentrate her with your penis.until she is fully aroused. Foreplay tongue and fingers. Mount her in a differant positions each time. My flaccid penis is also over 7 inches., But it is girth of my erect penis not the lenght of the erection. That is more uncomfortible for the female. This will reguire repeated sex and her vaginal with learn to relax to accept your penis. Put on some slow music And let your hips and penis move to the sound. The sensual tango will be great after marriage.
    Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.
    ruasbizze2 responded:
    Jeepers --your size should not matter after she gets adjusted to your length which I suspect is her issue...not yours.
    Take it easy with her and include forplay with her prior to each encounter. Make sure and use enough water based lubricant as she may have a condition that does not allow for enough natural lubricant to be produced prior to intercourse. I don't know if "bunch of stuff" includes some toys...but a toy for her that is nearly or at your size may help her to grow accustomed to you via masturbation with it. You could even be part of the toy play if she approves.
    Good luck!!
    fcl responded:
    There is no guarantee that her vagina will "adjust" to accept your whole length. Yes, a vagina will get slightly longer when excited but it's not going to double in length. So, if you're hitting her cervix then you need to find another solution because it can be extremely painful and you can bruise it if you're not careful. I suggest you head for your nearest sex shop and buy a donut - these things are soft and fit over your penis and stop you from going in too deep.

    Good luck!
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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