Non-existent sex drive
An_249395 posted:
I have been in my current relationship for a year now. We live together, both work and have teenage sons. In the beginning of the relationship I found it really easy to be forward and initiate sex and I had a high sex drive. Now I find myself not really feeling wanted, or not wanting it to the point of it occuring only once every week or so and I usually "do all the work".

We've had our issues as far as the relationship is concerned. I am pretty shy in the bedroom and prefer to be dominated rather than be dominant. He thinks I should be more forward so he feels waned but lately when I try to initiate, I am turned down. I get the feeling that there is something more to the issue when I used to love to have sex several times a week and now not so much.

I feel so disconnected to him and I know that he is not a big talker about feelings and he is very reserved. I would like to try and non-medicinally try to boost my drive and learn to be more forward but I don't know how to do that.