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Still has an ovary?
wrc4746 posted:
Four months ago, my girlfriend supposedly had an ovarian cyst removed from her left ovary. The doctor made the decision to remove the right ovary as well because it showed signs of the other ovary's mutation. He kept the fallopian tubes and uterus. So he supposedly removed both ovaries. He gave her hormones and everything. Then, a couple of months later, we'd been having sex unprotected. She still has her period (because she still has a uterus) but the flow is alittle brown now (old blood and lining of uterus...I did some research.) But this period was different. I saw a spotting of fresh blood. Also sex has felt the same. I've been thinking she can't get pregnant but I'd been have a feeling she might. We'd actually been hoping for it though. I read that a little spotting of blood may be a sign that the egg (now a zygote) has attached to the uterine wall. She also told me that she'd been feeling a tiny pinching feeling on her right side (this was before the spotting and unprotected sex). I did alittle more research and found that during ovulation the fallopian tubes graze the surface of the ovary to receive an egg. After a couple of days, that tiny pinch goes away after a day. Then we had sex. She said a couple of days later she felt sick and her breast were hurting. Can anyone enlighten me on our situation.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If both her ovaries were removed, there is no way for her to get pregnant as the ovaries are what produce the eggs necessary. Also, if she doesn't have ovaries, she shouldn't be getting periods.
thistledown1973 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
wrc4746 states that his girlfriend is taking hormone replacement therapy which can cause menstrual cycles without ovulation, especially if the hormone therapy is designed to mimic notrmal cycles (like birth control pills cause menstrual cycles without ovulation). What I am curious to know is did they only remove the cycts and the surrounding tissue, or did they truly remove the entire ovaries?

I have both bright blood and old blood during my period; the color alone means nothing.

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