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Ejaculation problems
Ryaner2 posted:
Hi, i just turned 18 recently. About 3 months ago I started to notice that i was having little outbursts of urine, like i was in my local supermarket and without any control i urinated and there was a fair bit too, since then it has happened quite often, usually if I got to the toilet as per normal a few minutes later ill find even more coming out. I noticed the night before I started college again i had a weak orgasm but thought nothing of it (I cant recall this moment too well).

When I was at college not long after I started noticing this i was hit in the genitals by my friend after we were carrying on. I noticed after that when I masturbated that I wasn't achieving an orgasm properly, like it was really weak. Every now and then after ejaculation I fell a sharp pain which varies down my penis, it last for minutes and when it appears always happens straight after ejaculation, i feel the pain alter from the shaft, tot he middle int he area above my penis and even sometimes around my rectal area. I also started to notice my skin peeling from my head of my penis and burning sensations there too, it seems there is a severe lack of sensitivity there too. i have seen a doctor who thought it was internal bruising or inflammation or something of the sort, they also tested me for an infection but I came out clean.

I am scheduled to see a dermatologist ( i think that was the on don't quote me) in a fews week but it would be helpful to see if anyone knows anything here. Thanks. Also I might add I havent lost total feeling when I ejaculate sometimes there is a bit of feeling there and on a couple of cases it felt close to normal, but alot of the time it feels really weak and seems to build up then just disappear quickly. I have also recently noticed that soemtimes when i have an erection i will get discharge of what seems to be seamen, a small amount at that.

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