penis size
An_249864 posted:
hi,i am a 27 years old man,my penis length is 4 inch & girth 4inch in erect it enough for sexual satisfaction?any way to improve size?need practical & xpert opinion. please help.
ontbear responded:
An_2 49864: Is it enough ----- the simple answer-----yes, yes, and yes.
hairyd replied to ontbear's response:
Yes the length and girth of your penis is a great tool for sex. Also use up and down but also to the left and right rubbing your pelvis against her vagina.
Yes to improve sex. You need to practicals differant sexual positions and locations. Also for longer sex sessions use your tongue and fingers for foreplay or afterplay. I bet your tongue is i shorter than 4 inches; it also witll give her super sexual satisfaction. She and you will also enjoy the four inches in her mouth and anus. It the nerves in penis that give you pleasure; and the brains controling the penis, tongue and fingers that gives her sex satisfaction. Do not look for a expert opinion; go lay her in bed of rose and let her body do the talking.
Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.