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protected sex with a stripper
jimmy12321 posted:
one night me and my friends were out for some happy time, that night i had sex with a stripper, first she jacked me off without a condom then when i was hard (not too hard, like half a boner) she put the condom on the condom is a bit big but 100% covered the head and abit airy on the base (the condom was rolled more than half the shaft). after a few minutes of intercourse, we changed positions she was on top im only having half a boner but the condom is still on. 100% covering the penis head. after that she took of the condom and jacked me off until i came to her hands. im 100% sure that the condom did not slip or break, i didnt see lots of her fluids too,(maybe shes not that into it, and she didnt get that wet).. now its been like 10-13(almost 3 months) Weeks after that incident, i felt some itchiness on the inside of my penis, i first thought about that maybe i got this itchiness from that incident, so i searched in the net symptoms of HIV, a few days later, itchiness was gone but testicle hurts only the left one, then i got it checked says it was epididymitis, so i got antibiotics, it didnt work, so he made me do full scrotum ultrasound came back normal, Now both testicles hurt, and burning urethra is now present, the doctor says that its the infection still on the scrotum. BTW, im also having shortness of breath. dry coughing, chest pains. but no night sweats, fever, no swelling lymphnodes no rashes, but i felt like freezing sensation of my arms and legs, but was gone few days later. Im really searching everyday for symptoms of testicular cancer STD HIV, so im not sure if its my anxiety or what?, also lost a few pounds dont know if its because of my anxiety too, but i monitored my weight after and i was gaining weight again (but still less pounds than before, but as im monitoring it, im not losing weight)

My questions are:

1.) what are my chances of getting HIV or STDS?
2.) even if i get the infection what can it be?
3.) is the dry cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, weight loss related to that incident?(ive read that these symptoms are from AIDS and HIV develops to AIDS for a long time, shortest ive read was 1 year HIV turn in to AIDS and longest was 10 beyond) but my symptoms came only 10-13 weeks after the incident)
4.)what could be the cause of my uretha itch and burning sensation and the testicle pain?
5.) what are the chances of her vaginal fliuds enter my urethra? cause the base of the condom was a bit airy although she didnt get really wet, the fluids were very little.(my penis head is 100% covered and the condom was rolled until the base of my penis, i dont have any sores on my shaft).
6.) should i get tested?
7.) can i get any stds from that handjob?

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