precum while talking with girlfriend
An_250111 posted:
Whenever i talk to my girl friend i feel some liquid is coming out of my penis. Even when a female colleague touches me then also i discharge tat sticky sticky liquid which makes my undergarmen wet. Even though i m not thinking about sex .I m really very upset with this abnormal behavior of mine. Any one here who can help me out???
georgiagail responded:
Have you ever considered that this perfectly normal behavior, especially in a young male?

Because, while uncomfortable, it is.

stevesmw responded:
Are you flaccid or somewhat erect? Aroused is aroused for any reason. To keep your undergarment dry, use a plastic bag around your penis or a condom. How often do you masturbate? If it is rarely, that might help with the problem.
NavedAhmad replied to georgiagail's response:
I dont think that it is a normal behaviour bcz no one in my circle have complained for the same...
tlkittycat1968 replied to NavedAhmad's response:
That's not exactly something most men talk about. Maybe they are and are just as embarassed as you and don't want to talk about it.