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Diabetes and Weakness.
SParTans posted:
Hi, I am a 56 yrs old married man with diabetes. I've had diabetes for 12 yrs so far and I have been feeling less motive of doing anything. I work mostly 40 hrs weekly and I'm a machine operator. I have stand no sit job because all I do is check the credit cards and see if they are correct. My life has been seemingly dull for this 12 yrs and I just don't know what I should do? I lack the courage to take walk in my neighborhood in the summer. I am always feeling down or lack attention to do something. Recently, my doctor told me that some of sperm has been leaking out with my urine. I felt no pain or seen any white substance whenever I urinated. So I went to a doctor whose major is in the sexual areas. He told me to take VIAGRA only two days that I desired intercourse, a free sample. As soon I told my wife about the medicine, she threw it away. Generally that sounds dumb or weird, but there is a reason to it. I am a heart patient. I've had two heart attacks and many time I've had the heart stents put into me. My wife said to me not to take the VIAGRA due to my heart issue. So I am feeling lost, I don't know what to do or what is my problem? Am I in depression or lack the sexual desire because of my diabetes, I don't know. I know that if I am to stay like this way then there is no wake up call for me.

Can anyone help me? Or give advice?
stevesmw responded:
I have non diabetic peripheral neuropathy (untreatable) so my feet are numb and burn so I can't stand for more than 10-15 minutes and can walk to get from point a to point b. Walking was my favorite form of exercise, I have a recumbent exercise bike that I'm going to start using to lose some weight. I take 6000mg of horny goat weed a day and it helps with my erection. You should check with your cardiologist regarding any ed medication or herbs.
georgiagail responded: does the wife normally think she's your physician?

The issue with ED meds and coronary heart disease is NOT with stent issues but rather the effect that this medication may have when taken with certain blood pressure medications. Both can have the effect of lowering blood pressure (keep in mind that the initial research on ED medication was as a heart medication,not an ED drug; the fact they seemed to help with erectile dysfunction was seen as a side effect that the drug manufactures realized was a potential more profitable product).

I do, however, think this physician took the "easy" way out; it does not sound as if your problem was difficulty achieving an erection but rather depression or perhaps lack of overall sexual interest (?low testosterone?) and the Viagra was simply thrown at you as a panacea for this.


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