Dull Abdominal Ache While Masturbating (Male)
troyboy1242 posted:
Anyone know if it's sometimes common to experience very, very dull aching in the mid abdomen area (left side) while masturbating? This is something I have experienced a few days now. It's so dull as to almost not even be there. And it's only triggered currently by masturbation. [br>[br>Admittedly, sometimes I'm excessive with masturbation, so I'm wondering if one can almost pull a muscle of some sort during the act that would lead to this dull ache when doing it again. [br>[br>Thanks so much for any info someone may have on this.
stevesmw responded:
If you pulled an abdominal muscle, you would notice it all time. It might be related to your testicles or prostate. It's interconnected system. I may have had something similar in the past. If you can't get a good answer here, search the web.