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Anal skin health
An_245985 posted:
yeahhh.....I had no idea what to put in the title. So if someone knows of a better board to ask this on, I'm all ears!

Went to proctologist today, I thought I had genital warts. I have been in a monogomous relationship for almost 12 yrs, I have negative paps...but I had them about 20 yrs ago & thought it was a reoccurrance?
So....I don't have them. But what I DID have is ingrown hairs that had become infected, hard, acne-like ...and downright gross. But I couldn't tell that from feeling or looking at them. I asked if it was from shaving & wearing thongs, he said I just have large hair follicles & may need to come in regularly to have the expressed. Yes, he said that, expressed. I even asked if I could use some sort of salcyclic acid acne med since it was "like" acne. He did not seem receptive to this.

Ok, so what the doc said does NOT give me hope. This is gross. This is degrading. This is embarassing.

ANYONE know if there's a "condition" or something i can look up to keep my skin healthy in the future?
I wash, I shave regularly (personal choice, there)....should I consider adding something to my skincare regimen????
GuardSquealer responded:
Since that is a pretty sensative region I would think that Salcyclic acid would be very harsh there. I doubt that there is a whole lot more you can do for prevention. Maybe add wet wipes just for extra cleanliness.

I am assuming that by "expressing" he just squeezed them. Maybe this is something you can do yourself and avoid the embrassment of going to the doctor.

And really you shouldn't be embarassed as it is a health condition and you didn't do anything to get the condition, and you are doing everything you can to prevent it.
azmama82 replied to GuardSquealer's response:
There was more than squuezing...there was a tool & I do not want to revisit it again.
As for cleanliness - I am. Promise, he even said so, LOL!

It just seems if I shave my bikini area & use "Bikini Zone" or even an acne cream, i don't get bumps or ingrown why would the anus be any different? Except of course the tissue is thinner & more sensitive.

He even made the suggestion of Nair but....ouch! Nair affects my legs, can't imagine it there.
I'm left wondering, is this a hair issue or a skin issue...I just don't have enough facts & it's frustrating. It's not like I can start asking people.....this is wierd & embarassing!

And for that reason alone, I thank you for answering. ; )
GuardSquealer replied to azmama82's response:
Well I am sure you can try it, just watch for irritation. And be careful. Might be more embrassing explaining to the ER why you were putting acne cream there.

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