Sexual Problem Help.
An_250618 posted:
I get aroused a lot. My clitoris erects and sometimes the arousal is so strong I orgasm and cum all over my underwear. Sometimes it happens while I'm asleep and I wake up during the orgasm. It's embarrassing because when I start getting really aroused my clitoris pulsations are visible through my pants. What should I do?
elle0317 responded:
Have you spoken to your Dr about that?? I find it hard to believe that your clitoral pulsations are visible through your pants, but anyway, I suggest seeing your Dr about this!
dick912 responded:
For the most part, I would enjoy the experience as much as possible.
stevesmw replied to dick912's response:
My wife had something similar as a side effect from medication and it wasn't pleasant.

I expect if you were walking down the street and orgasmed, you wouldn't enjoy it that much.