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Married 17 yrs. Now i'm into men
KJLOVE posted:
Been married 17 yrs most of the years were good. But like any relationship we had a few problems, Recently i've been turn on sexually by men. i enjoy looking at men bodies , i;m turn on by the size of there penis. i have not been blessed to have a large penis.and i've felt ashamed and i lack confidence in my self sexuality. recently i had a encounter with a gentelman and i enjoyed him more then any women.. ever including my wife. am i now Gay.
Anon_125014 responded:
You are now bisexual and an adulterer.

If you and your partner in this encounter weren't already screened for STD's, you need to do so now--and tell your wife. She deserves the chance to make an informed decision on whether or not she wants to continue in a 'mostly good' marriage when her husband cheats on her with apparently no remorse.

Any sympathy I might have had for you as an individual struggling with your sexuality died when you hooked up with someone other than your spouse while still married. If you feel the need to continue exploring this side of your sexuality, I strongly recommend talking to your wife, explaining how you feel, what you've done, and being prepared to divorce.
dfromspencer responded:
Wow, what you have done is soo wrong! You have cheated on your spouse of 17 years, and for what? You think your gay? No, you are gay, if you have sex with men. Sure, some call it bi sexual, but it is what it is, gay sex!

You need to tell your wife! You now need to give her the opportunity to decide for herself. She is the only one with that power now.

How do you feel about your marriage? Is it over, as far as you are concerned? Do you want to stay married? No matter, you still need to talk to your wife.

Why did you have to cheat first? You could have talked to your wife first, and then decided. But not you, you had to cheat, and hurt your wife first, and possibly your family???
festival1942 responded:
I am gay. It seems possible you are gay and just realizing this late or you may be bisexual. This something you will need to decide for yourself. Perhaps you should discuss this with a sex therapist and get more information. Good luck to you and whatever you decide, have fun and enjoy!
festival1942 replied to Anon_125014's response:
Mean spirited and unhelpful comment to someone who needs a helpful reply.
festival1942 replied to dfromspencer's response:
Another mean spirited and unhelpful comment. The questioner has a legitimate desire to know his sexuality and is unsure of his situation. He doesn't need moral lectures about marriage fidelity.
dfromspencer replied to festival1942's response:
You are gay, therefor you will stick up for an adulterer, you can't help yourself!!!
Anon_475 replied to dfromspencer's response:
Thats a bit of a non sequitur there. Why should his being gay make him approve adultery? Most of my homosexual friends have been faithful to their partners for many years and abhor infidelity as much as the rest of us.

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