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help me diagnose please?
jimmy12321 posted:
my story is this, i had sex with a prostitute(protected) 1 night, and she only gave me handjob without condom and we had protected sex, thats all. lasted about 15 mins.

now first thing. this was like 1 month after the sex. i felt my urethra itchy, and my right testicle hurts, went to a urologist. said it was epididymitis. now he gave me antibiotics, which relieved the pain slightly but not entirely. then my urethra starts to hurt, went to the urologist said it was prostitis(dont know if i spelled it right) and urethritis. gave me deoxycycline which did not help, now my pain is like 7.5 sometimes the pain is 8.5 on my scale. i notice that the pain is going up my body, like first it was on the urethra, now its on the testicle, then the pain goes in my prostate, now i feel pain above my groin like on the Bladder area but not exactly on the bladder part, its on the left side, scared that it maybe my lymphnodes in groin(but it didnt look swollen(it just hurts), now the pain is going on my arms(only on the left side) BTW my throat always feel like it is tight(not sore throat! i always check my throat and its not sore) sometimes i get difficulty breathing because of this tightness.(i dont know if this is because of my anxiety) But the pain in pelvis area is definitely 100% not because of My anxiety. can u help me diagnose this? all the antibiotics didnt work.
1.)what could be the cause of these pains?
2.) why didnt the antibiotics work?
3.) any home treatment you can suggest?

please help, i cant stand the pain anymore
jimmy12321 responded:
Follow up info:
1.) I have no discharge
2.)sometimes after taking off my pants and underwear it looks like my penis tip is opened like a sunflower but only the left tip part, but after a few minutes it comes back or if i urinate. maybe because of my underwear being too tight?
3.)urethra shaft looks bigger(maybe swollen?) i dont know but it seems like it cause it hurts when i press it.
4.)after taking my underwear off my penis looks very very very dry, yea its super dry but after a few hours it becomes normal again. not too dry
fcl replied to jimmy12321's response:
Why not go back to your urologist, show him/her everything you've written down here and explain that the treatment you've been given hasn't worked for you?

You might also want to post your questions here:
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
dfromspencer responded:
Wow, you do have a problem, don't you? If that Urologist cannot find the cause, and cannot help you, may I suggest finding a new one? This guy is not helping you. Something is deffinately wrong here, and you need to get it figured out, befor some permanent damage occurs.

I hope like hell you find the cure, and fast!!!

Please keep us informed, would you???

If I were you, I would use the link provided by FCL!!!

Good luck!!!

jimmy12321 replied to dfromspencer's response:
pain unexpectedly went away.. maybe its just my anxiety
dfromspencer replied to jimmy12321's response:
Hi, Jimmy

If I were you, I would NOT take the chance it was nothing! I'm guessing you did not go to see a doctor?

If its anxiety, are you getting help for that?

Hoping you saw a doctor,


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