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    Problem with sex drive
    Anonse posted:
    I''m a straight female that cannot get her mind off handsome men. I want to lower my sex drive [sexual appetite> I know I could go to a shrink and get help or what not but i am not asking that right now. What I want to know is how i could get to as close as no sexual drive or attraction with an eating habit or a drug of some sort.
    georgiagail responded:
    Why do you want to reduce or stop your sex drive? It's perfectly normal.

    If you have no current partner to address your sex drive, consider masturbation.

    dfromspencer responded:
    Why would you want to lower your sex drive? You are a woman that likes men, whats the problem? You have not stated what the problem with this over-drive is???

    I hope you are not thinking of medication to stop this, I don't think there is any? I have heard that eating certain foods can boos your metabolism. So, you may want to check into that?

    Good luck, I think??

    gd9900 responded:
    I don't know if this relates in any way but I'm struggling right now with a high sex drive and no partner. I'm perfectly capable of "taking care of business" on my own but sometimes I'm afraid I will put myself out there just for sex with another human being. One person in particular who scares me with that prospect is a guy I work with. We had an intimate relationship while he was in the beginning stages of his divorce (I know!), and I was in the final stages of mine. I'm now divorced, and he chose to go back to his family - which I have no problem with - I didn't pursue him and was upfront that I wasn't looking to break up his family. Recently he has made the indecent proposal with me and I've actually considered it! He says things like he needs to fulfill his obligations (meaning for the kids) but he thinks of me all the time. I won't follow through, but I am physically attracted to him and because we shared an emotional connection it's hard to push him away.
    dfromspencer replied to gd9900's response:
    From your posts, and answers to other's posts, I find it hard to believe you would do something like that? Having sex with a married man is, and should always be a NO-NO!!! That is the reason I got divorced, my wife CHEATED on me. That is one HEART PAIN I would NOT EVER wish on another human being!!! Please stop thinking about that. Have some dignity. Why a woman does this, or can even think of doing this, is way beyond me!!! Its CHEATING, plain and simple! This goes for any man, also!!! Stop the CHEATING, it WILL hurt someone!!!

    Cheating is NEVER the right answer! Find a nice single guy, one like me, that has no attachments to anyone. Someone close by where you live, is probably looking for love, just like I am, find him! Please, I am begging you, please don't cheat with this married man!!!!!

    gd9900 replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Dennis - I am NOT going to cheat with this man. What I said is, I've considered it - but that's my pants talking and I know that. Believe me I DO have morals and dignity. I'm not saying I was right to be with him before he was divorced, but divorce papers were filed before anything happened between us and his wife made it very clear TO ME several times she didn't want him in her life anymore. Of course that changed over time and I got hurt - big surprise. So you think I want to put myself in that position again? NO, NO, and NO!!! All I was saying is sometimes I have weaker moments around him and it SCARES me!! Especially when I feeling a little flirty or frisky. I was merely putting a feeler out there if the OP was experiencing something similar.

    I know I told you I'm not involved with anyone, and I'm not. However I have been hanging out with my neighbor, who's SO of 13 years left him last December. We have fun together and I have no idea if it will go anywhere...but there is a little sexual tension there. I get frustrated and I don't want to slip up and do something I would regret.
    stevesmw responded:
    This reminds me of myself. I've always enjoyed looking at women, no staring or ogling. I appreciate a lot of aspects; how a woman carrys herself, her fitness, her curves, her beauty, her smile. I've always had a huge sex drive, but didn't start dating until I was past 30. Relationships are complicated and for a variety of reasons I wasn't able to consider a relationship until then.

    I would never wish for a reduced sex drive. It can be frustrating to not have it fulfilled, but feeling something is good. If a man wants to get until a casual sexual relationship and be completely honest it might be difficult. I passed on the few opportunities that I had. I wish didn't.

    In today's society women get to dictate the sexual component of a relationship. You can date whoever you want and have sex with them if you choose as long as you are aware of the possible relational consequences. Enjoy life.
    dfromspencer replied to gd9900's response:
    I, for one, am sooo glad you are like you say!!!

    I do hope you find the right love for you! And, if this neighbor is the one, go for it, and be happy!!!

    An_251298 responded:
    Get on an SSRI - an antidepressant - such as lexapro, celexa, paxil, etc. It'll kill your sex drive quick.

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