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Decieved by the IUD
An_250918 posted:
I just had my paragard removed last week after 3 and half years. I literally thought for 3 of them I was dying. I had started preparing my kids for the worst, which was traumatizing for them. I had body pains as if I had a stroke on the entire left side of my body, my legs would go out without notice and I would buckle down to the floor, I would have sharp pains throughout my arms and legs and could no longer pick up my babies or raise my arms above my head because of pain. I developed hypertension, went the two ER for stroke symptoms many times, even to fainting, something I never had in my life, I was put on muscle relaxers and heart medications that made the symptoms worse, had ultrasounds, x-rays, an MRI and a CAT scan to find the source of my misery with no avail. I asked every doctor about the IUD and was basically told that was not the problem, they recommended neurologists and thyroid testing. I went to the ER to stop the consistent bleeding that lasts at least two weeks at a time and leaks through clothes, bed sheets because it was so heavy, I had headaches, insomnia, hair loss abdominal pains mood swings. The worst thing is that I didn't know I had a Paragard until it was taken out. I have severe allergies and would have never knowingly put anything copper in my body, I can't even wear jewelry, eat fish, take penicillin, and use latex, soaps, and perfumes eat anything with acid or wear anything other than cotton clothing without having an allergic reaction. I have every form of Dermatitis, vitilago, and asthma. Why would a doctor give someone something so dangerous to a person with so many medical issues I don't understand? But it was pushed on me; I never asked for the device, I was told it was safe. I thought it was a Mirena because that's the information I was given at the time of my appointment after being told my insurance denied an essure birth control method which I originally requested. I am still having effects of the device. I still cannot sleep and having constant cramps and bleeding. I still have pain on the left side of my body, however they are slightly less severe that when the device was inside of me. I must have a cyst removed in my vaginal area and have a lump forming on my left side. I also just had a large lymphoma removed in January. I am not sure what effects come directly from the copper, but I am more than positive it is at least 90%. Before this I was an active person, I played with my six kids daily, afterwards I felt like I was a 75 year old that had aged terribly. I hope someone will take my case because I am definitely filling one against the manufactures or the doctors, whichever is more feasible. I feel they are both to blame I wasn't told either way of the risks and could have left behind six beautiful children if I had never seen a commercial for defective IUD's and started researching the side effects.

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