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    Anal to Vaginal sex, with past hysterectomy, can it be done safely?
    An_250931 posted:
    I thought a new thread on this topic might help others, and myself.

    My question is this: If a woman has had a total hysterectomy, can we switch from anal sex, to vaginal sex, with precautions?

    The Back story:
    My wife and I have been married for MANY years (20+). We are monogamous, and have no medical problems. My wife had a total hysterectomy 15+ years ago and is fully healed. About 7+ years ago, we started trying anal sex as we have a very ACTIVE sex life. After many gentle attempts, and months of "investigations" we found that using a rubber was the biggest barrier to my wife "enjoying" anal sex. No matter which brand rubber we tried, or whichever lube, anal sex was always very uncomfortable for my wife while using a rubber. Finally,, we tried using NO RUBBER, with the usual tons of KY jelly, (the best lube we ever tried), and,, it worked FANTASTICALLY for both of us!
    Using no rubber, I will occasionally start feeling the symptoms of a mild urinary tract Infection, (UTI), coming on within 12 hours after anal sex. (Symptoms are dull light soreness in bladder area, need to urinate more frequently, and some difficulty / discomfort peeing.) Through web searching, and more experimentation, I found taking a Cranberry UTI pill, and D-Mannose powder / pill an hour before having anal sex I can usually avoid any UTI. If any UTI symptoms begin within 24 hours post anal sex, I just take the above 3 times a day, drinking plenty of water, until all symptoms are gone, and have never had to visit a doctor for a UTI since. (UTI's are nothing to fool around with, if you're not better in 2 days, see a doctor right away!)

    Now back to the question… Again, seeing my wife has had a total hysterectomy… If my wife cleans herself out real well with enema's prior anal sex, and she douches her vagina out real well after anal / vaginal sex, and takes UTI precautions before and after anal / vaginal sex as I do, could we try "switching" back and forth, somewhat safely?

    If we absolutely had to, we could even try a quick wipe down with an antibacterial baby wipe, then re-apply lube, prior to going anal vaginal, but would that really be necessary?

    Please, I KNOW there are a LOT of people out there that feel this is "Taboo" to do. For us "The marital bed is undefiled" and it was all created for our enjoyment. Please do not answer if you have no experience in anal sex, unless you are a medical person with wisdom to share, rather than just bashing the topic for judgments sake. Thank you.
    fcl responded:
    I have no problem with anal sex. However, no matter how clean you think you are you cannot go from anal to vaginal without the risk of infection. Please do not mess with this. If yuo want to go from anal to vaginal, use a condom for anal and remove it before vaginal.

    Enemas are pointless (unless you get pleasure from them) and so are douches. Besides being unnecessary douching can cause infections by disrupting the natural balance of flora in the vagina.
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    dfromspencer responded:
    First, there is no safe way to go from anal to vaginal. Not unless you want to wear a condom again? There is no amount of douching that can guarantee a clean anus. Therefore, there will always be the chance of u.t.I., for the both of you. Douching her vagina is a bad thing to do, it disrupts the natural goings on inside.

    I myself, have tried anal with a few diferent women. Most, if you are gentle with her, will enjoy anal sex immensely!!!

    I hope you find the answer you are looking for! Enjoy sex!!!


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