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Dry Humping
Anon_58292 posted:
My girl friend(now my wife ) did dry humping for the longest time. I would soil myself but enjoyed it. The kissing was great but I have ED and couldn't penetrate. Pre-viagra. I used the vacuum pump and did penetrate but it is a hassle. I enjoyed it. Evidently she did not, as the frequency dropped off as did the kissing. I married her anyway and after 11 years of turn downs(not tonight dear) we are living platonically in the same house. Her character got worse when she stopped smoking. Did I mention she came on to be to start the affair. We were neighbors, she worked for the firm and used her sex to tempt an unhappy married man. My wife died of a broken heart if there is such a

Searching online for someone new but with STD out there maybe I should stay in the status quo.
dfromspencer responded:
Wow, you do have some problems!!!

This is not a dating site, you knew that, didn't you???
2muchluv4u2nite responded:
This is the Lord's way of trying to tell you to kick her to the curb, she obviously is an immoral woman who not only was willing to defile another's marriage, but failed in her wifely duties. Instead of focusing on this failed relationship, turn to the church and let His healing waves wash over you, cleansing you inside and out until you are covered in His pure white love.
Pullout_baby42 replied to 2muchluv4u2nite's response:
I agree with 2muchluv. That woman is a harlot and most likely the reincarnation of one of beelzebubs minions. Her ability to banish your boner to Anne Frank proportions is diabolical and she has completely failed as a wife, woman, and human being. According to Leviticus 20:10 and Luke 16:8 she is not fit for life and should be dealt with accordingly. But don't worry my friend. Your raging member will flow strong with the Holy Spirit guiding it to a suitable concubine in no time!

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