I'm having trouble finishing. Advice?
cpflager posted:
I'm 17 years old and I can't cum when I'm with my girlfriend. I recently found out it's due to my medication (venlafaxine), so I have anorgasmia; difficulty cumming with a sexual partner. I'm able to finish when I'm masturbating, and I can maintain an erection with no problem. I know that I can finish, but it seems conditional - I've cum four or five times with her, but those are isolated incidents, and I've cum twice with two other girls. This is really putting a strain on our sexual relationship, and any advice would be appreciated. I was wondering if maybe any of you have ever experienced this. If so, what did you do to help? Thank you very much!
elle0317 responded:
quit masturbating for a while and see if this helps.
dfromspencer responded:

Yes, I've had anorgasmia befor. I had to quit masterbating for six weeks, then the feeling/sensitivity came back, and all is well, now!!! Try this, and let us know how you're doing???