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    LOW T; High Risk Prostate Cancer-Any help for lack of Interest in Sex?
    Anon_54981 posted:
    I'm not sure which community to post this in...I posted in one other as well, but no one has responded. Hoping that one of the physicians would have picked up on this and would provide some suggestions.

    I'm 58. For years I've had low interest in sex and difficult maintaining erections and even getting a hard enough erection for sex. Blood tests over the years confirmed that I have low T. At one point a urologist prescribed Androgel for me. But when I read that testosterone hormone treatments may increase risk of prostate cancer I checked back with the doctor. There's a strong history of prostate cancer in my family: my brother at 62, my father at 70, his first cousin died earlier of prostate cancer, my cousins....up and down my father's side of the family. The urologist immediately took me off the Androgel.

    My question is whether there is anything I can do to help elevate my interest in sex and help with the erections. I've taken Cialis and Viagra and while they seem to help a bit with erection, it doesn't help the VERY low libido.

    I'm divorced and started to date and I don't want this to be a deal-breaker for a new love interest.
    stevesmw responded:
    I'm almost ten years older than you. I have BPH elevated PSA and have had one biopsy done. My father died of prostate cancer at about age 90. I had an uncle who died during prostate surgery in his eighties.

    I'm sure at my age, my testosterone count is low and I won't consider medications or supplements to increase testosterone for the reason you mentioned. I'm hoping that weight loss and better overall health will improve my sexual health.

    Despite my ED issues and age I have a huge interest in sex. I don't watch porn but I have 40 years of memories and fantasies to draw on. One my favorite things in life is pleasuring a woman. To be with someone that is experiencing pleasure is pleasure for me. To know that you have the skills to do it is also satisfying.

    I imagine that part of your lack of interest in sex is from recent experiences in your marriage.

    It's not that unusual for someone your age to have ed issues. If you get in a relationship with someone who only thinks sex involves a penis you will be doomed to failure. If your partner enjoys being satisfied in other ways then all the pressure is off you regarding an erection. Stress does not help ed issues.
    Retiredin2000 responded:
    I am 69 and had been taking testosterone for low T for about 4 years. My wife, 67, also takes T & E.
    When I was taking T, I felt great, lots of energy and high libido — like in my 20s. (Before I started taking T I was having some ED issues also.) Since my wife was also taking T, our sex life was like our honeymoon, great.
    Late last year my PSA spiked. Although I do not have cancer, my MD took me off T, at least until my PSA goes back down. I was worried about my libido and ED returning. Good news, my wife still has her high libido, and I am responding very well. The biggest change is that she initiates sex more than me, and that really turns me on. So, if you have a partner who you are attracted to, and she is interested in a good sex life, your libido will return. Chances are you will respond, and if there are some ED issues, your Viagra will do the job.

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