An_251013 posted:
I had a hystorectomy (LAVH) in late 2011 do to health reasons but not having a period was a welcomed bonus. I understand some women have complications afterwards or regret their decision; but I AM LOVING IT!!! No tracking on a calendar, embarrassing leaks, buying expensive hygiene items, or limiting/restricting physical activity! I have lost 42lbs with diet and exercise, and perhaps, because I'm not "eating or drinking away" the menstral cramps. No decrease in sex drive. My partner says he notices dryness but that can be easily fixed with a good lube. If your health or life is at risk, DO IT! If you know you're done having kids and are freaking tired of having a period, DO IT! If your uterus doesn't define who you are, DO IT! A good health care team will answer all your questions; even the ones you didn't know you had
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yay! Finally a post saying something positive about having a hysterectomy. I've never had one but may need one if my fibroids return. My mom has had one and said it was the best thing she ever did for her health. There is a regular poster on WebMD, Georgiagail, who also has said she has had none of the side effects that those who regularly post that hysterectomies are the worst thing have had.

I'm sure many doctors use hysterectomy as a last resort; I know my doctor does.