Are certain body types/builds more likely to have a higher sex drive?
cmw1979 posted:
I am a very lean and wiry 33 year old man and have been told by women that I have a much higher than average sexual drive. Some women have told me that men with this body type are always the ones that surprise them, not the big body builder type.

I am curious if there is any correlation of body type to sexual drive and if us lean and wiry guys really have any stronger drive than average.
elle0317 responded:
I don't think body type matters one bit.
stevesmw responded:
Sex drive varies by individual. I was lean, am not so lean now and my sex drive has always been high. Never been described as wiry. Body builders using steroids might have their sex drive diminished. I don't know about excessive testosterone or other supplements. Not to offend any body builders here, but body builders can be narcicists.
cmw1979 replied to stevesmw's response:
Gotcha! I have heard that very overweight people can have decreased drive due to hormone imbalances. I guess we are just all made different. In the past, I thought all guys were kinds just ready at a moments notice but this is not what I have been told.

I am naturally lean and wiry and have plenty of energy. I guess all this energy is part of what makes my drive high.