Skin condition-rash-STD ? resulting in severe cracking, dry, worn, chapped lips
An_251024 posted:
[breakdown of tissue on lips>

I'm seem to have a rash or some soreness on both my private parts, and lips.
Private parts - have only seen 1 incident in the last 2 years.
Lips - seems like I'm having a lot of trouble and it's getting worse daily.

Is this a weird skin condition ?
And what kind of doctor would treat this ? Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease ?
My experience, is no matter who you try, they just look dumbfounded.
I know someone must have had the same thing, and I'm wondering how to diagnose it.

I've been on the watch for herpes, and had an IGG test, a while back that came back Positive for HSV2
My conditions are more rash-like though, and I've never had breakouts, or any painful Outbreaks.

This is not Herpes ! although It may be associated with Herpes !
I don't have an Outbreak to take a sample from or have a Dr. inspect.
georgiagail responded:
A Dermatologist specializes in skin diseases.