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Pain During Sex
An_251072 posted:
I have been sexual active for just about two years now and recently, I've been experiencing pain towards the end of sex. I think that it started once we began using lube, but I've experienced the pain with and without lube, which made me think I was maybe allergic to latex, but I tried non-latex condoms and I still felt the pain. I am thinking that it is because we have sex for too long because it usually doesn't happen after a quick session. It is focused in the region between my vagina and anus, but it makes the entire area burn. It lasts for about a day and is pretty annoying. Any ideas would help!
bpcookie responded:
So when you say it makes the entire area burn for a day, do you mean only the area between the vagina and anus or does it cover a wider area? Does your vulva burn? Labia minora and/or majora? Buttocks? Have you noticed burning at any other time, (besides when you have an infection)?

I can give you some ideas to try when your experiencing burning AFTER sex. You can put an ice pack on the area that burns or sit on an ice pack for about 20 mins. Don't let the skin get too cold though. You can also take a cool oat meal bath. You can buy the oat meal bath packs at CVS and Walgreens. That will help sooth the area. You can also try a bit of A and D ointment, but only use it on the out side of the vagina around the vulva area. If you can, go with out undies and wear a skirt. I have Vulva Lichen Simplex Chronicus and I have constant burning and I have to do the things that I have listed every day. I hope it helps you.
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averyb123 replied to bpcookie's response:
Thank you for your help! It depends on the severity of the burning, when we stop right after it starts burning, it is just the area between the anus and vagina, but if we go on too long, the entire area hurts. I think I'll try some of your ideas!

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