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Penis size is not increased from my childhood
AARUT posted:
HI all ,
i am male age 26 i have been facing different problem compare to any other in the world that is my penis size is not increased from my childhood it only 1 less then one inch at normal condition when raised its around 3 inch only . Can any one help me how to increase the size . width also small only . I am planning to get wedding can i marry or not i can satisfies my wife or not?
can i get children .

I dont have any urinorie problems

Please reply me ..
tlkittycat1968 responded:
There is no way safe to make your penis bigger.

Most women do not orgasm via intercourse so you shouldn't worry about satisfying your spouse. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm and regular intercourse does not provide that.

I know it might be embarassing but you may want to talk to your doctor about your penis size.
Pullout_baby42 responded:
I'm not entirely certain how to increase size with the exception of surgery which removes the part which is still inside however I can explain my story. When I was a child I used to tie a string to an RC Car and then to my manhood. I'd speed the car away in 30 second high speed bursts doing 19 (no more and no less) repetitions 8 times per day. This strategy combined with a diet exclusively consisting of 47 gummy bears, 8 teaspoons of Dimetap, and 8 quarts of grape koolaid per day may have been the source of my endowment. I do not have any scientific data for this but the process sounds similar to "jelqing" which can be effective however risky. Further evidence as to the effectiveness of this method can be found from the locker room conversations I have had with other nude men who were much smaller than I. To this day I have yet to meet anyone else who followed my regimen, nor have I found a man with as fully engorged of a flesh hammer as I. Best of luck in your penile pursuit of happiness and if you choose to utilize my proven method I would be happy to recommend materials (IE RC Drift fast!!!) to you.
Anon_475 responded:
dfromspencer responded:

I am so sorry for your problem! There is, however, no known way to make your penis bigger. A doctor can snip your tendon, on the upper side of your groin, to let it come out some, but, you can never reverse this, and it may leave you standing straight out, instead of straight up.

If you are worried weather this will be a problem to your wife, I would have to say no. Penis size is not that important, because most women do not orgasm vaginally, but rather by clitoral stimulation. Give your wife plenty of oral sex, and she will be most happy.

And yes, you can still have baby's with a small penis! As long as you both are fertile, it should be no problem?

Stop worrying about the size of your manhood, it is what it is!

Enjoy your marriage, good luck!!!!!


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