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Unable to have sex
An_248911 posted:
My boyfriend and I have trouble having sex. When he enters me he says that he can't feel me. He isn't able to stay erect once this happens. We use lube sometimes with the same result. He is not circumcised. We try all kinds of positions. Could I be not tight enough for him? Do I not pull back his foreskin when he enters me? Do tightening creams work? I have not delivered vaginally, had a c-section. We are both frustrated, but me more so. He tells me that what matters is that we love each other. I know he means it but I want to figure this out. This is the only negative issue in our relationship. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thank you.
stevesmw responded:
Might be an ed issue. You should know if you aren't tight enough from past sexual experience. He should be able to tell you what he prefers regarding his foreskin. How does he respond to manual stimulation?

As I got older, I required more stimulation from intercourse to get fully hard. I needed to start in the missionary position before going to on side facing. I prefer as little friction as possible and when I was younger I got more than enough stimulation from a completely relaxed vagina.
elle0317 responded:
If you are too wet, the friction would be reduced, if this is the case then lube wouldn't help it would only make it worse. You can try Kegel exercises (google it) to help tighten the internal muscles. No need to do anything with the foreskin, it usually retracts upon entry anyway, if not, it's not a big deal.
An_248911 replied to stevesmw's response:
Thank you for your reply.

He doesn't communicate very well regarding what he prefers. I try my best to make the conversation as relaxed as possible, but it doesn't seem to help.

I have been wondering about ED myself, that conversation is far from relaxed. I have to wait for him to be ready I am sure.
jlm0301 replied to elle0317's response:
Thank you for your reply.

I have been doing Kegels and even purchased Ben Wah balls and have started using them daily.
An_251298 responded:
If you've never had a baby vaginally, there's nothing wrong with your vagina. Unless he's very thin or small, I would guess he's having problems staying hard and blaming it on you. That's why he doesn't want you to worry about it. You can kegel to the cows come home, it's not going to help his problem.

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