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An_251327 posted:
I have been having really bad trouble with having sex. My husband is always in the mood for it but i'm not. I just have no desire what so ever to have sex. I still love my husband we have only been married 2 years and I am only 21 yrs old so I shouldn't be having these problems. Im still attracted to him as well, I just know why I don't wanna have sex. I am trying to find some ALL NATURAL HERBS to take to increase my sex drive, because if I don't do something it might lead to a divorce between me and my husband. Things have ust been so tense since we haven't had sex. Does anyone know of any ALL NATURAL HERBS that I can buy that aren't outrageously exspensive. LOL Please and thank you
fcl responded:
Forget the herbs. The fact that something is "natural" does not mean that it's safe (nor that it will work). You can end off wasting an awful lot of money on this kind of nonsense.

Instead, try to find the reason why you have lost your sex drive (I'm assuming that you have not always been this way). When did you start to lose interest in sex? Can you tie it in with an event - birth, marriage, bereavement, illness, loss of job, etc.

If not, look at your lifestyle. Do you have children? Who spends most time looking after them? Who takes care of the household chores? What kind of hours are you working? I ask because fatigue is a great libido killer and often, just by doing less, or by your partner doing more, you can regain your lost libido.

Finally, are you getting enough exercise? Are you eating a balanced diet? Just a couple of other factors that can be important here.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
dfromspencer responded:
There are no magic pills, or herbs, that can cure your sex drive.

I will however, ask you this...have you seen a doctor?

If yes, or no, you need to see one, and have him perform tests on your hormones.

Sometimes, a womans birth control pills can bind to certain hormones, causing the loss of libido. Get it checked now, befor it goes too far. Your boyfriend will thank you, and you will thank yourself, if it works, right???

Good luck!!!


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