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    Mysterious increase in sex drive
    Nojlek729 posted:
    I am 38 and all of a sudden one day about a month ago I just woke up with this insatiable appetite for sex. We, my husband and I, have always had a great sex life but this is different. All I think about is sex I can't get enough we can have sex then I will lay in bed next to him watching porn and masturbating for another couple hours, I am wearing him out! Don't misunderstand I am loving it and I don't want to loose it completely but we have kids and jobs and I can orgasm simply sitting with him at the breakfast table, completely inappropriate when u have children huh? We have at times had sex four times or five in a 24 hour period. What is going on with my sex drive and is there any way for me to keep it this way only contain it?
    Mamihlapinatapai responded:
    Don't mean to sound cold...but why are you asking this? For a lot of people this is a non-issue. You're happy, he's happy, your relationship is fine. Why ask? Who cares? Most people can't relate to this.
    The most elementary and valuable statement in science--the beginning of wisdom--is 'I do not know.'
    stevesmw responded:
    Sexual appetite is influenced by the mind and the body.
    If you are so aroused, I don't see the need for watching porn.

    My wife is multi orgasmic and when she is in the mood for sex (infrequently) she will have hundreds of orgasms over an hour or more and then when she is exhausted she will have had enough. She feels embarassed, but I tell her she's very lucky to be able to have so many orgasms. When I would come home from work, she would greet me with "I'm orgasming, what are you going to do about it?"

    At one time she was taking antidepressants and it caused her clitoris to be in a permanent state of arousal which made her uncomfortable and even extensive use of a vibrator would not provide any relief.
    Nojlek729 replied to stevesmw's response:
    Ok, well I'm asking for many reasons, one being that I can NOT think of anything but SEX!! I am a mother of 3 teenage kids, I cannot focus on anything, my husband works out of town and is home 7 days and then gone 7 days, ad we own our own business and I can NOT focus on anything but SEX!!! It is not that I am wanting it to end I am just trying to make sense of it so if there is a way for me to be more in control of it I can. Listen, the other day I masturbated at my desk in my office? WTF?
    Mamihlapinatapai replied to Nojlek729's response:
    I think I was a little hard on you initially...sorry about that. Look, this is a good thing (at least I think so). Just be glad that you have it and hope that it sticks around. I'm sure you're making your husband very happy. I'm sure this is a nicer way of spending an evening instead of a listless evening with Netflix and a cup of tea. Happy for you.
    The most elementary and valuable statement in science--the beginning of wisdom--is 'I do not know.'
    dfromspencer replied to Nojlek729's response:
    This may be a mental thing? I wonder if there are any books on this subject? Or, it could be a purely physical thing? Maybe a combination of both? Wow, I wish I had your husbands luck! He must be one happy man?

    This is a problem. I think you should see your doctor, and try and find out if this is a hormone thing? An imbalance, perhaps? At any rate, you can rule out any bad things. Maybe, your doctor has heard of such things occurring, and can help you rein it in???

    Its worth a shot. Especially if you have children present.

    Good luck!!!

    Anon_475 responded:
    This is actually pretty common and happens to lots of women of your age. Try to channel your sexual energy into spicing things up in the bedroom (go buy some books for inspiration - Screw the roses, send me the thorns - is a good starting point). Planning ahead will help. In any case, this tends to be temprary. Sometimes for weeks. Sometimes for years.

    There is nothing at all wrong with you. It's just your age.

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