Emotional cheaing
An_251455 posted:
Hi. I am new to this but want any opinions on this matter. I found out that my husband has been texting a couple of people and not saying anything to me about it. One is a woman I'm not sure about the other one. He says it is my fault because we are married and he can't talk to me about his problems. What is wrong with me?
dfromspencer responded:
There is probably nothing wrong with you, its more like his problem, don't you think? There is nothing wrong with texting others, as long as its not sexual. Is it, you don't say???

Your best bet, would be to set down with him, when all is quite, and discuss this with him in a reasonable tone of voice. Tell him that you are concerned with his texting other's, and not including you. Ask him if there is something wrong in the relationship, and what you can do about it?

They may just be friends, you know? Talk to him. Communication is the key to a happy, successful relationship!!!

Good luck!!!

daveswife1959 replied to dfromspencer's response:
I have tried to discuss it with him. I didn't think there was anything wrong until I found out about the texting ,then he said it was my fault because he couldn't talk to me. He told me he needs to be able to be open about anything and I agree. But when we agree to talk about everything openly and I told him how much this hurt me, he got angry and said I needed counseling if I couldn't understand . He says he is hurt because he has to talk to other people
georgiagail replied to daveswife1959's response:
What was he texting these folks about?