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sexual issues
becca021613 posted:
am 22, recently i have been having problems getting and staying wet! i have never had this problem before, it is really embaressing, fusterating and seriously hurting my sex life as well as my relationship i will be so horny but when it comes time for penitration nothing. my boyfriend thinks i am getting tired of him but its not the case. its getting to the point where he does not want to have sex with me. right before this started happening i went to my gyno for a check up n she said everything was good so i dont understand what is going on. i dont know what to do someone please help!
dfromspencer responded:
The only thing I can suggest, is that you use a lube prior to sexual activity.

Mamihlapinatapai responded:
This can be psychologically tough on a man. I went through this for a long time with my wife. I thought she didn't want me and we would fight about it. It turns out I didn't understand. Now I do. Though I don't know what you could tell your man that would make him understand.
The most elementary and valuable statement in science--the beginning of wisdom--is 'I do not know.'
gd9900 responded:
Get some lube girl!!
Tryingtomakeitwork responded:
I have this problem as well sometimes its a faucet down there and sometimes the sahara desert. Doesn't matter if I am really in the mood or not sometimes it just wont get wet. I think that every woman goes through this and no one really knows why. but that's why lube was invented so that you can still have a wet good time.
He shouldn't feel like your not interested tell him to think of it this way men get ED and cant get it up sometimes and some men even have a problem and cannot ejaculate everyone is different and you shouldn't feel weird for having this problem. talking about it is key make sure your doing everything else to make him feel like you love him and really want sex to happen.

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